Knife Buying Guide

Safety Tips For Your Kitchen Knives



It is human nature to want the best of everything in life. Once you get the best, it is then important to tend to it. Well, for most people who buy knives, especially cooking ones, they want to get the best of them. In order to do so, here are a few simple tips you need to follow so as to get the best out of your Shun kitchen knives.


When using quality Shun knives, avoid at all costs cutting on surfaces that are not meant for cutting on. This can easily damage your knife's primary cutting edge. A proper kitchen cutting board is typically made of a hard rock maple.


Once you are done with cutting and chopping, you should wash your Shun kitchen knives in warm soapy water and dry them with a towel or cloth. Using a dishwasher is not advisable because phosphate from the dish soap combined with the dishwasher heat only serves to dull your knives cutting edge destroying your knives grips in the process. Wash your kitchen knives carefully by hand.


Refrain from using any type of abrasive powder or scouring pad on your knives. There is no food element that cannot be removed from your Shun kitchen knife using warm soapy water and a washcloth or sponge. Read more about this when you visit the website. Abrasive powders and scouring pads only serve to scratch the profile of your knives making their cutting edge dull in addition.


Most kitchen knives will tarnish and discolor with time especially if not cleaned properly after cutting acidic foods like tomatoes, pepper, and lemon. Just because the knife is made of stainless steel, does not mean it is totally stain free. Therefore, in case of discoloration, a good metal polish with a lint free cloth can be used to bring back the original luster and shine to your Shun chef knives.


Keep your knives sharp at all times. A sharp knife is safer than a dull one, and, therefore you should learn the many ways available for sharpening your Shun kitchen knives, like electric knife sharpening, carbide sharpening, and guided sharpening.


Don't ever use your knives to cut frozen food. Ensure that you have defrosted your food first before cutting them. In addition, it is not a good idea to use your Shun kitchen knife for cutting a bone, it is much better to use a bone cleaver instead.


Ensure that your kitchen knives are stored out of the reach of children. Keep a blade guard on each of the knives and store them in a safe and secure place like a locked kitchen drawer and don't forget to shop for Shun knives the next time you are in the market for kitchen knives.